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Over the years, we have been providing high quality event production. From business meetings and conventions, to small concerts and everything in between, we have the equipment and experience to ensure that your event is nothing short of a smashing success. We are an end to end event service production company guaranteeing you the best on lighting, sound, staging, drapery, rigging, video, special effects, and much more.

  • We are a registered company incorporated in Uganda, licensed by KCCA and UPRS, passionate about delivering an end to end customer service experience in a memorable way, we also like identifying, developing and promoting raw talent while maximizing potential for mutual growth.
  • We want to have the best event promotions equipment capable of competitively serving our prospective clients both in Locally and internationally.
  • We have great sound engineers, professional DJs, Logistics Experts and a great number of enthusiastic team players.
  • We specialize in offering great sound equipments, lights/Visuals, stage and videography for all types events, both live and recorded, parties for both corporations and individuals plus other related functions.
  • We are committed to showcasing what we have done, what we are doing and what is coming up to all our global funs consistently and in every way, form or format.